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Farm to Fork is a small catering and eatery located in Leander, Texas. Chef Shelley Pogue is the owner and founder of Chef Pogue's Farm To Fork. A Le Cordon Bleu Honor's Graduate with background in Recipe Development that were mass produced in large retail markets. Food has been changing for the past couple of decades some good and some not so much. I want to be able to help other,s and share my knowledge about the benefits of eating fresh local foods.

I am going to offer healthy local food choices from our local farmers that will bring healthy food options to the diner table. There will be seasonal fresh food choices for the carnivore, or the vegetarian regardless of the busy lifestyle we all seem to have these days. My goal is to feed my community, with great fresh food that is locally grown. It will help our local farmers, and if you have ever eaten something fresh from the farm you definitely know the difference! 

Camacho Elementary Garden Project

Hello Farm to Forkers,

We started a garden project over at Camacho Elementary School last Fall and it has kinda gone by the wayside, due to weather and time constraints. We are wanting to try to get back over there and get that project back up and running we just need some volunteers to help us out.

The time we are available to do these projects are on Monday mornings between 9AM-12PM. The tasks that we need help with are weed pulling, making rows, and planting. We are going to be teaching the kiddos about organic gardening, hydroponics and aquaponics.

If you are available we will start scheduling time to go over starting on February the 4th and continuing until we finish the project.If you are interested in volunteering with us please reach out to us 512-246-8158.

Thank You,
Shelley Pogue


Valentines Day Desserts at Farm to Fork Texas

We have fresh chocolate covered strawberries, creme brulee, chocolate tarts, salted caramel tortes. If you are interested in our Valentines pre-set menu please call 512-246-8158.  We post our daily specials menu on Facebook everyday @  or on our website on our menu page

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Wild Caught Chilean Sea Bass at Farm to Fork in Leander

We offer a selection of wild caught fish on Friday & Saturday evenings at #TheFork. We also have a wide variety of entrees for dinner service during the week as well. We post our menu on Facebook @  or on our website on our menu page 

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Cowboy Cut Tenderloin at Farm to Fork in Leander

Cowboy Cut Tenderloin at Farm to Fork in Leander. We usually offer more entree choices in the evening, however we offer our regular menu all the time. Come join us for an Akaushi Burger & a Craft Beer or a Texas Wine on tap. 

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Sweet Potato Bacon & Jalapeno Waffle

Sweet Potato Bacon & Jalapeno Waffle w/ Pork Belly, Mango Pico, Sriracha & Coyote Creek Egg at #TheFork

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Texas Pecan Pie Recipe

I know that everyone thinks that their grandma or mom is the best cook ever. I know my Mamaw Gracie Pogue -Montgomery was the best I have ever known, and many others would agree! I enjoyed her cooking so much that it inspired me to go to culinary school in the end due to my fond memories of cooking with her, and eating her lovingly prepared food. This is her Pecan Pie Recipe that was published in her church cook book and I have made this recipe at Farm to Fork and we sell out every-time. The recipe is a little time consuming but well worth every bite of it!

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